UAD Hosts Peksiminas in the Literature Competition


Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) is trusted to host the XIV National Student Art Week (Peksiminas) of 2018, which is held in Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). The branches of the competition include male and female poetry reading, poetry writing, short story writing, and play writing.

The total participants for male poetry reading were 30 and for female poetry reading were 31. Meanwhile, the participants for poetry writing were 32participants, 28 participants for short story writing, and 22 participants for play writing. The participants were students from various universities from various regions representing each province in Indonesia.

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Sumaryadi, M.Pd., the representative of the Indonesian Student Art Development Agency (BPSMI) DIY said that Peksiminas in DIY was held in several universities. "So there is collaboration and cooperation between various universities in DIY," he explained in the west hall of UAD campus 4 on Jln. Ringroad Selatan, Tamanan, Bantul, Yogyakarta on Wednesday (10/17/2018).

On the other hand, the Rector of UAD, Dr. Kasiyarno, M.Hum., expressed his gratitude and pride because UAD had been given the trust to host Peksiminas for the literature competition.

"Peksiminas is a place for students to prove their skills, potential, and interests. In terms of literary arts, we can see that the student interest is increasing. This can be seen from the increase in number of enthusiasts from outside literature-oriented study programs and faculties," he said.

According to him, the increase in student interest was considered positive since literature was very useful in developing students' emotions, mentality and thinking. The process of writing literary arts will bring good educational values. "For example, it will create champion-mental students who have mutual respect and appreciation for others."

In this XIV Peksiminas of 2018, UAD sent a representative on the poetry writing competition, Alfiandana Susilo Aji, from the Faculty of Literature, Culture and Communication (FSBK). (ard)