UAD Officially Introduces Faculty of Medicine

At the west hall of campus 4 of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) on Thursday (22/3), Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia (Menristekdikti RI). H. Mohamad Nasir, Ph.D., Ak., formally submitted the Deed of Establishment of Faculty of Medicine.

The Deed of Establishment was submitted to the Chairman of the Central Board (PP) of Muhammadiyah Haedar Nashir, M.Si., which was then forwarded to UAD Rector Kasiyarno, M.Hum. Thus, UAD can officially manage Medical Education study program (undergraduate and professional program).

Responding to this, Kasiyarno stated that UAD would soon prepare new students for the Faculty of Medicine.

"We will provide the needs for human resources, adequate facilities, and infrastructure. This is what also we said during the field evaluation last December," he explained.

On the occasion, Haedar Nashir explained that, with UAD, currently there were 11 Muhammdiyah Universities (PTM) with Faculty of Medicine.

"PTM must progress, not only in terms of physical aspect, but also in all aspects in order to support prosperity for the nation."

On the other hand, Menristekdikti advised that UAD continue improving to face the industrial revolution and competition with foreign universities. According to him, to win the competition, UAD had to maintain and increase public trust.

"UAD must have a strategy to win the competition. Management of universities cannot be implemented without plan. There should be at least smart work, hard work, and sincerity," he said. (ard)