UAD Officially Opens a Clinic in South Metro, Lampung

The Rector of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD), Dr. Kasiyarno, M.Hum., officially opened the first clinic in South Metro, Lampung on Saturday (21/4/2018). The opening ceremony of the MU UAD Clinic was followed with a series of events such as walking for health event, door prizes giveaway, free medical check-up, and the signing of memorandum of understanding with UAD Hospital.

To the journalists, Kasiyarno expressed his pride on the Branch of Muhammadiyah (PCM) of South Metro that pioneered health business in the area.

"This is an achievement and it must be developed to advance Muhammadiyah as well as to provide health services for the community," said Kasiyarno.

In accordance with Muhammadiyah missions, he will support cadres who want to open a clinic. Especially in Lampung, they can work together with UAD. Kasiyarno said that it is possible to open up to 30 branches of clinics.

Meanwhile, dr. Nil Rahmayeni, the Director of MU UAD South Metro South said that she provides health services to make it easier for the people to seek treatments. In Metro, this clinic is a branch of the first UAD hospital.

A week before, MU UAD Clinic had conducted soft launching event as a form of familiarization for the community by conducting a blood donation event. (uad)