UAD Sent 5 Groups for International Community Service


Five groups of University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) students were officially sent to Thailand for an International Community Service Program (KKN). They would serve some schools there among others Sangkom Suksasat School, Songserm Sassana Vittaya School, Songserm Vittaya Munniti School, and Wittayasan School. 

The groups consisted of students from different departments namely from Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Elementary Education Departments and from Guidance and Counselling and Management Departments. In addition the groups also consisted of International Biology and Mathematics Educations.

An international Community Service Program (KKN) is an annual program and has been carried out since 2013. The program, which is supported by the university includes some universities and schools in some countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, The Philippines, and Egypt as the partners.

The activities are the same as the regular KKN, which include activities like teaching, training sports, proselytizing, social service, etc. The difference is the location and the way to communicate, which is abroad and English. So they get more opportunities to practice their English during KKN. For this reason they are trained how to communicate in English and are introduced with cross cultural understanding to adapt themselves with the hosts.

The program runs well and is supported by the community, supervisors and the university. The five groups would serve from August 3rd to September 1st 2016.

Ida Puspita, M.A.Res the head of International Office of UAD said that the annual program has become UAD’s brand in order build its reputation at national and international levels. This program meets ASEAN Community Market (MEA) as the students are prepared to face it.

The weaving ceremony is scheduled next Saturday July 30th 2016 at Islamic Center in Ahmad Dahlan Mosque, Campus IV. Some UAD’s executives are to attend among others Dr. Abdul Fadlil, M.T. (Deputy Rector III), Prof. Drs. Sarbiran, M.Ed, Ph.D. (Deputy Rector IV), Head of Community Service Program (LPM), Head of International Office, deans and lecturers, and the program supervisors.