Vocabulary and Indonesian Borrowed Words in Arabic


Language is a means of communication, which develops, changes, and progresses as time goes by and as the users need them. This is marked with the coined new words or the changes in meaning of words either widening or narrowing the meaning.

In Indonesia, the influence of Arabic language is very strong. This is due to the number of schools teaching Arabic or other institutions, which deal with Arabic language intensively.

The development of Arabic in Indonesia makes it possible to include Indonesian borrowed words, which is called Neology in Arabic.

This was the material presented in the general stadium at Arabic Letters Department, Faculty of Islamic Education and Teacher Training University of Ahmad Dahlan (BSA FTDI UAD) last Monday (13/06/2016)

Dr. Uki Sukiman, M.Ag., who is a lecturer at Arabic Letter, Faculty of Adab or Philosophy, State University of Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, spoke as a presenter in the event, which took the venue at the main meeting room, Campus I, Kapas street 09, Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta.

The event, which was attended by 100 students, was expected to give new perspectives in Indonesian borrowed words especially among students learning the language.

There are many Indonesian borrowed words such as:

  • Registered Moslem                 àالإسلام على البطاقة
  • Single Organ                           à الأغن المنفرد
  • Kalimantan                              à   كاليمنتن

According to Uki, the cause of borrowing is the limited words in Arabic to express Indonesian facts meanwhile the students have to express them in Arabic in their learning settings.

The condition causes the use of Indonesian words in non-existence Arabic grammatically or semantically. Furthermore, the terms should match the situation. ‘Naturally, this is meant for communication, so borrowing is normal. This is because language is a convention among its users. It enriches the language and gives new Indonesian perspective.