Welcoming Ramadhan Happily

‘Anyone who becomes happy when entering Ramadhan, the fire of hell will never hurt him/her.’

 (Hadits/the prophet’s message retold by Nasa’i)

It is the Prophet’s Muhammad SAW message delivered by many proselytizers when Ramadhan approaches. The same message was given by two proselytizers at Grand Proselytizing to Welcome The Sacred Month of Ramadhan.

Dr. H. Agus Taufiqurrahman, S.Ps., M.Kes. and Ustadz Rudjito spoke the same thing as they were proselytizing with the theme, ‘Be clean, Make Up Our Motives To Welcome The Sacred Month of Ramadhan,’

The event was held at Ahmad Dahlan Mosque at Islamic Center UAD, South  Ring Road, Bantul, last Tuesday (24/05/2016) attended by students of University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) and public.

Rudjito said that there were somethings to do in our lives especially during the sacred month of Ramadhan, Firstly, being wise. ‘Life needs to be undergone wisely. Man has to be aware of his destiny in this earthly life,’ Rudjito explained.

Secondly, enjoy your life. As Allah said in Al-Qur’an, ‘Anyone, who willingly undergoes life and approves reality, Allah will lead him new guidance.’

Thirdly, be patient. By being patient Allah will love and reward him/her better. Fourthly, be sincere. Allah has promised great reward for those who are always sincere. Fifthly, be qana’ah or accept any condition or situation of what he/she has done and prevent from being unsatisfied or greedy.

Sixthly, be istiqamah or diligent in doing his/her deed. This is the thing whing Allah Appreciates.

Let us implement the knowledge we get from campus to dedicate with the society. We will be considered as models to live successfully here and hereafter, far from being in hell.’ (AKN).