Wheelchair Controlling Gloves

They are Ahmad Yogaswara (Electrical Engineering), Iqbal Cahya Kurniawan (Electrical Engineering), and Ferosa Ardina Wardani (Faculty of Public Health) who participate in Student Creativity Program Team of Karsa Cipta (PKM-KC) of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) and get the fund from Dikti. These three students make gloves that can control wheelchair. The device is named Si Sistem Sarung Tangan Pintar sebagai Pengendali Kursi Roda (Si Sarpin).

Ahmad Yogaswara as the chairman explained that his team wanted to create technology that could facilitate people with disability to perform daily activities.

"Many disabled people have difficulties in accessing public facilities. Lack of access to transportation, building, education, and employment services are some of the examples that hinder their lives. "

Based on the population census data in 2010, they found that there were 10.6 million people with disabilities. Meanwhile, according to the National Socioeconomic Survey of the Central Bureau of Statistics (Susenas BPS) in 2012, there were a total of 6,008,661 people with disabilities.

Based on BPS data in August 2016, the total number of people included in the Working Age category in Indonesia was 189,096,722 million. Among those people, there were a total of 22,563,392 people who had disabilities, consisting of 10,333,806 men and 12,229,586 women.

Improving the quality of public facilities and government breakthroughs for unemployed disabled people are the efforts made by the government, indicating that they take this issue seriously, in order to prosper people with disabilities. As a result, people with disabilities are able to perform daily activities well.

Ferosa explained that in this technological era, it was important for the younger generation to pay more attention to people with disabilities.

"Nowadays, there are still many of us who forget about people with disabilities, whether about their health, work, or public facilities available for them."

In addition, Ferosa also explained that the modern era should be utilized to create new breakthroughs to improve the welfare of people with disabilities.

"The job of the youth is to create something new to facilitate their daily activities. A tool that people with disabilities often use is wheelchairs with manual control. The technology is more advanced now that some even use a joystick. Surely this innovation greatly facilitates those with disabilities. "

The presence of Si Sarpin is new because it is more efficient and the energy released is not too big. (doc).