Wika won back the Short Story Writing in USD

Having achieved the first place in the stalk of short story writing competition (Cerpen) on the National Student Art Week (PEKSIMINAS) XIII in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi few weeks ago, Wika G. Wulandari, a student of Biology, University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) have again won short story contest.

Wika won the 3rd place in the competition held at Sanata Dharma University (USD). Accompanied by Sule Subaweh, Wika attended the event that took place on Saturday (10/29/2016). Sule also said that it was the second time win after getting the first place in last PEKSIMINAS 2016.

“She is a potential writer in UAD. It is quite promising that she wants to keep learning in writing while she is still in the 3rd semester.” said Sule, Wika’s mentor in the competition.

Sule also said that although she was a student majoring biology, she could be a writer who has literacies of biology. Her writing would be richer by her major.

“I hope she can continue writing. If she continues to write fiction, she will have the skills both in science and fiction. It will be science fiction. It is Interesting, isn’t it. " said Sule in an interview with WEB UAD