Winning 14 Medals, Tapak Suci of UAD Manages to be the General Champion

Tapak Suci Contingent of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) Yogyakarta managed to get the general champion title at the Airlangga Tapak Suci University Open International Championship which took place at Airlangga University on September 12-15, 2018.

This achievement was obtained after winning several branches of competitions with 6 gold, 4 silver, and 4 bronze medals. A total of 14 medals were obtained confirmed Tapak Suci of UAD as the general champion.

The gold medals were won by Herdiyana Asmoroningtyas (Indonesian Literature), M. Arfian Hariz (Hadith Interpretation), Dadang Dwi S (Civics Education), Lu'atul Nadlifah (Hadith Interpretation), Javid Novean Noorcha (Industrial Engineering), and Alfin Mubarroq and Irfan Syarhul R (Hadith Interpretation).

Meanwhile, the silver medals were won by Illyina Aulia A (Psychology), Tito Kurniawan (Legal Studies), Nur Ratnawati (Electrical Engineering) and Pratiwi (Civics Education), and Habib Baharudin (Information Systems).

Bronze medals were obtained by Zulfikar Faishal Akbari (Legal Studies), Dhia Asa Imtinan (Information Systems), Nizar Robbani (Information Systems), Hindryati Muhammat, Risma Dara, (Psychology), Nofal Bowo P (Indonesian Language and Literature Education) and Ahmad Rizki S, L.R.Z. Uday (Hadith Interpretation).

With this achievement, Tapak Suci of UAD has been the general champion for a number of times on national and international competitions. (ard)