About Politic, Muhammadiyah Takes The Least Role.

‘Muhammadiyah takes the least role. It does not mean that there is no Muhammadiyah members who respond it. Actually, politic plays an important role in proselytizing because it can be used to resist against a tyrannical rules,’ said Dr. Kasiyarno, M.Hum at his office before delivering a speech at Ramadhan proselytizing held by Council of Cadres, Boards of Regional Leaders Chapter Yogyakarta Special Province last Friday (17/06/2016)           

The proselytizing with the theme ‘Muhammadiyah’s Future: Strnghthening Social and Political Role and Econmical Independence’ is expected to lead young Muhammadiyah leaders ready to run good governance politicians and tycoons.

With the theme and competence speakers at their fields, it will lead to a further activity in the form of real Muhammadiyah proselytizing in Yogyakarta.

‘We hope, the bad image of political parties can be changed for a better one,’ said Drs. Untung Cahyono, M.Hum., Vice Chief of PWM DIY and Coordinator of Cadre Section Law and Human Rights.