The Role of Religious Leaders in Sustainable Development

‘Religion is a guide for life, so that religion must enlighten life.’

‘Through Al-Anfaal surah, Drs. Suyoto, M.Si. opened a Ramadhan Proselytizing held by Council of Educating Cadre, Board of Muhammadiyah Chiefs Chapter Yogyakarta Spial Province (MPK PWM DIY) last Saturday (18/06/2016) with the theme ‘The Role of Religious Leaders in Sustainable Devevopment.’

The regent of Bojonegoro who is also called Kang Yoto said, ‘To survive, what do you offer? What do you do to be successful? These are questions to be developed,’ he insisted.

One of the answers to the questions is to understand historical contexts to decide what to do. Religious leaders should do the same. According to him, religious leaders are spiritual leaders, who should serve the community to improve their welfare. Their role here is to build global brotherhood involving all sectors either governmental or societal. Religious leaders are obliged to give positive perspective and ethics. Ethics and religion help solve problems in society. They associate human thoughts and deeds, which religious leaders can synchronize.