Cooperation Began Between UBP Karawang and UAD

A number of six persons attended at the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) and University of Buana Perjuangan (UBP) Karawang on Tuesday (10/05/2016). The rector of UAD Dr. Kasiyarno, M.Hum and deputy rectors attended the event at Campus I.

Rector UBP, Dedi Mulyadi, in his speech said, ‘UAD is an extra ordinary university. Because of that we consider the lecturers as our seniors to teach us. Besides it has many campuses, UAD educates students with high achievements,’ Dedy added in front of the audience including the deans.

He hoped UAD could guide the lecturers in research. ‘We hope UAD  rector as well as UAD lecturers can speak of their fields in our campus,’

Kasiyarno welcomed the offer and added that UAD always gains high achievement at national university level. ‘In practice, we disseminate soft skill. Somebody’s success depends on the mastery of soft skill, behavior, and positive thinking,’ Kaiyarno ended the interview.