Writing Children’s Literature, Writing about childhood


“The life of my childhood has strongly influenced my work and life as I get older. Moreover, it also gives inspiration toward my works in writing and stage performance”, said Andy Wahyudi in the Literary Appreciation Forum (FAS) at Campus II Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) on Wednesday (11/5/2016).

 In an event with the theme "Children's Literature", Andi declared that he grew through a lot of exciting imagination, at least for himself. 

“What is the difference between imagination and reverie? In my opinion, reverie is inactive activity, aimlessly mind, and getting tranced, while imagination is an activity of creativity and aspiration. Reverie is mainly caused by stress, sadness, disappointment, and mental pressure. While imagination is mainly about people activities of planning, creating, or thinking of humor” those are the differences”, he said.

“I feel that the process of a work emergence originates from the interface between memory, imagination, mind, and heart. Then they pursed into a work containing principles, ideology, hope, love, crime, etc. Those things are materialized and lived because of a critical role of energy within oneself. That is my thoughtful in a small scope of myself. Although in a system, the same creative works have different ways to do. I do not grow up as a professional writer who pursue a form of writing as a writer of novels and poetry. My work comes from something that has settled and disturbed inside of me. Sometimes it comes spontaneous, and from the protracted anxiety.” he said.

In addition, he also said, no matter how high a person's imagination, it was merely based on reality. Therefore, my work is always based on the real phenomena.

“I create a work by reading, thinking and feeling the reality that I have encountered. Those are the ways people live. Therefore, making a work is an instinct. Look at Sangiran Museum, prehistoric humans who did not know writing, were able to create works in the form of stone axes, pictures in a cave, or hunting and gathering tools. I believe that their works were also born from the reality that they face and digested by senses. "