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Gendhing Bahana


About Gamelan Music Community

Gending Bahana is a traditional music community at Faculty of Letters of Ahmad Dahlan University. The community was established on 6 April 2006 with the purpose of providing a medium for traditional music lovers at the Faculty of Letters and university. It was initially known as Group Karawitan. A year later, when it was going to make its first performance, it was spontaneously named the Gamelan Community of the faculty of letters, UAD. Since then, the name ‘Gending Bahana’ has been used. Gending Bahana means a harmonious ethnical music so pacifying and can be heard around the world.


Gending Bahana makes regular performances on different occassions such as:

  • P2K opening ( New Student Orientation)
  • UAD Graduation ceremony
  • UAD Anniversary

Performances in the past one year:

  • Opening of Public Health di FKM
  • ‘Gumyak’ at  Jogja Gallery in collaboration with Teater JAB dan AKRB Jogja
  • Opening of the National Tapak Suci Martial Art at GOR Manahan Solo, Jawa Tengah
  • ‘Keladi-Keladi Tua’ at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta in collaboration with  PEBEI
  • National Seminar held by PGSD and BK at JEC 


Twitter : @GendhingBahana
facebook : Gendhing Bahana (Grup Terbuka)
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