Student Study Service (KKN) of UAD Anak Bangsa

On Thursday (1/3/2018), the group of Student Study Service (KKN) of Anak Bangsa 3 from Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) arrived at Adisucipto Airport Yogyakarta after finishing their duties in doing social service in Sambas district, West Kalimantan. Sambas is an area that belongs to the most remote, desolate, and disadvantaged areas (3T) categories. For the third time, Sambas became a target area for learning, empowerment, and community enlightenment.

KKN Anak Bangsa is a special KKN program organized by UAD for students who are active in Autonomous Organization (Ortom), either Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM), HW, or Tapak Suci. A total of 26 students were involved in KKN Anak Bangsa 3. Most of them are IMM cadres. Meanwhile, some are already commissioned at the commissariat level and are still active in the branch leadership.

Some of them are the Student President, Chairman of Student Representative Council (DPM), several Corps Instructors of Djazman Al Kindi, and Chairman of HW UAD. According to Immawan Anshori, the Chairman of DPM UAD, KKN Anak Bangsa 3 is an IMAD milad gift from UAD. This activity is in line with the theme of the 54th IMM Milad, "IMM's Role in Creating a Cultured Society for a Sovereign Indonesian Community".

"IMM will launch IMM Social Service Movement, but UAD did it first by giving social service to the community through empowerment of IMM cadres," he concluded.

Meanwhile, Ihsan, the Chairman of KKN AB3 said that this KKN program is a real manifestation from IMM in serving the country. (ard / doc)